Acoustic solutions for Construction & Remodeling

An often-overlooked, but absolutely essential, element in creating the right office environment is acoustics. Unfortunately, many companies and building contractors don’t realize that getting the acoustics right should be near the top of priority list when planning an office, both new construction and remodeling an existing space. Acoustic solutions are easier and more attractive than ever.

Acoustics are especially important when designing and building an open-concept public spaces.

What noise problems does your project need to solve?

acoustical panels arranged in a pleasing design

Blending Acoustics & Aesthetics

Acoustic panels do not have to be obvious or interfere with your interior design. Acoustic panels can be designed to ...
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acoustic panels in a large conference room

Large Spaces

Large spaces have specific needs for sound control, especially when audio quality is throughout the space, such as in an ...
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acoustical panels in an open shared space

Sound Isolation

Poor sound isolation, particularly in a space with individual zones, can be an issue in many office or commercial spaces ...
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Acoustic Panels in hallway

Impact Noise

Impact noise occurs when an object strikes another, making a sound causing a structural vibration on a wall, floor, or ...
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Increase productivity by accounting for acoustics.

A noise-free facility is not only crucial for maintaining productivity levels, it’s also a catalyst for good worker morale. In a recent study from Oxford Economics, ‘the ability to focus and work without interruptions’ was selected as the most important feature of a work environment by employees. More than half of the people surveyed said that unwanted ambient noise harmed their workplace satisfaction. Being inundated by multiple audio sources all at once understandably makes it difficult to concentrate, and in some cases the noisy atmosphere has even been blamed for high staff turnover.

Acoustic Solutions for Office Sound Issues & Background Noise

Proper use of acoustic panels on the ceilings or walls of an open-concept office space can make it easier for employees to focus, reduce stress, and improve overall productivity and satisfaction.

Business owners, building owners, interior design pros, and construction contractors should work together to determine the needs of each space within a new office building or remodeled commercial space—including restaurants, fitness studios, and retail shops—to optimize sound reduction. Acoustic Design Works has consultants ready to facilitate those decisions.

Acoustic Design Works offers not only standard shapes, sizes and colors but they can cover acoustic panels with any color, logo or image  to customize your commercial project. No need for acoustic panels to appear as fabric covered shapes on a wall. ADW creates panels with high quality photographic prints to provide the perfect atmosphere in your room as well as controlling the sound. Need a unique 3D wall or ceiling display? Let Acoustic Design Works combine different shapes and sizes of panels to create that one-of-a-kind decorative wall with the bonus of reducing the noise in your space. Complete a quote request to start the creative process.